Friday, January 06, 2006

Things from 2005

Ok, so I'm sorry for not posting in a Cyber-eternity. Here's the deal. I had collected some great links and images last year, and never found time to post it. That being said,a new year's post is just the thing.

Charlie Chaplin and Einstein
Man I love this picture.

#2 Another Fine Mess

This Badass image is actually a print that was being sold at a small gallery in London. i tried to purchase it, but the Artist has dissapeared, and he took his art with him.

#3 The Tortoise and the Hippo
Anyone who knows me, knows that i am not a sentimental sap. That being said, I am extremely proud to say that the true story of THIS orphaned baby hippo and the 130 year old tortoise it adopted, will soon be a feature film produced by my company RELEVANT entertainment.

#4 As Pilots Season Approaches, who doesn't feel like this at least a few times a day?
Working 9 to 5

#5 Always Look on the bright side of life, and death.

#6 The tale of Pac-Man


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