Friday, October 15, 2004

Star Wars, Fish and Dating...a Philosophy

So during Lunch todayI mentioned a few things that seem wildly out of control. Generalizations about Boullia that we might find a bit Harsh. My contempt for narrow minded conservatism being obvious, and my ego smacks to Jim Mckenney (A republican Buddhist) being only the tip of my deeply rooted distaste for the safe confines of blind, self-serving, and heartless politics. Bizarre as the accusations may be, they are rooted on my basic philosophy on the value of the human experience and the unifying force of our shared experiences.

1: I would never date a woman who doesn’t eat fish.

“I don’t eat fish” Bullshit! How can you say that? There are so many varieties, so many ways to eat it, that I simply will not accept that comment. “I don’t eat fish” translates to “I don’t want to try something that might be different. I had one experience and that’s enough.” I hate Cole slaw, but I try it, and I eat it because I know better than to resign myself to the experience I had when I was young. The “I don’t eat fish” mentality is an inherently conservative way of thinking and it is contrary to my being and my identity. You better fuckin eat fish is all I gots to say.

2: I would Never date a woman who has never seen/doesn’t like Star Wars.
Never seen? You mean, won’t see. Star Wars is such a part of pop culture and the availability of it is so great that I refuse to believe that it hasn’t been purposely avoided. I make exceptions for age with this, but I still have reservations. Star Wars, like every great story tells the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth in a way that was generationally specific. The story is as old as time, and if a person can’t see the universality of the subject (Like in Finding Nemo) then that person can suck my balls.

Joseph Campbell, my hero of sorts, tells of the story that’s been told a thousand times for a thousand years, Transcending culture. It is the story of our lives and our struggles. There are many ways of expressing it , but it is universally the same message. Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Luke Skywalker, Marlin The Little Fish from the reef.

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