Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Blog Envy and a Call to Bill

Some of my favorite sites are now Blogs. Prolific Blogs. Entertaining blogs.

My Blog..occasional and long winded.

No more. I'll be logging into this puppy more often, AND I'll be bitching about my boss a hell of a lot more. With snippets of wisdom rather than rants on random subjects.

I've actually started inquiry on a transfer. I'm THAT over this desk.

"Have you called Bill__ Yet?"

Why would I call Bill? Do I need to ask him something about the debate party I'm going to? Does he Know how my girlfriend's family is treating her? Why WOULD I call Bill?
Oh wait! You WANT me to call Bill. What you meant to say was "Can you please call Bill for me?"

Certainly. Let me get Bill for you.

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