Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the hell is wrong with Chicago?


Look, I'm no fan of this needy troll/weasel Rob Blagojevich. His "I want something for this", smacks of the same desperation for monetizing a flash in the pan as Joe the "plumber"'s current stint as a "reporter".
(Applause for the most quotation marks ever used in one sentence)

The whole nasty mess is just awful, and I'd rather be thinking that maybe Roland Burris, as the only African American senator is a wholesome, qualified , and adorable little imp with a tendency for press conferences.

Instead I'm confronted with the reality that Burris is an attention starved, and shameless self-promoter.
I suppose all self-promoters are a bit shameless, but he is disconcertingly so.

"Hey Alf, why are you picking on a Democratic Senator, who happens to be the only black Senator?"

Well, there's this thing. This horrible bit of tack. This gristle of gauche, stuck twixt the teeth of normalcy and decency. There's a monument to hubris. A granite monolith of delusional mental illness, that points its eternal finger at a man who does one too many interviews, makes one too many press conferences, and thinks a bit too highly of himself.


For a close up view of the entire "Burris Monument" you can visit HERE

Make sure you read through "Accomplishments" and "Other Accomplishments" .

Exchange student?

Well, shit. Someone give this man a Senate seat.

I need to lie down.

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