Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday: A day in Three Acts (Act One: breakfast)

So this morning my Mom made us a Mexican breakfast. Traditionally this involves adding egg to whatever it is you'd regularly eat at a Mexican restaurant. Eggs taco, egg tostada, egg sopapilla, egg cinnamon twists etc. "But, Alf! Aren't you an Arab?"
No no, i just have a hairy back. But your confusion about my ethnicity is not without merit. Check out this particular shelf of festivity in our house.


That's a Mexican Nativity scene, a dreidel, a Menorah, and five bears. To answer your question though, I am an Atheist.

As the mexican food was being prepped, we listened to Mariachi music and donned a sombrero..really. We do those kinds of things.
My mom greased, cheesed and chilied some fantastic huevos, while we all sampled.

Then some Mexican hot chocolate and we were all energized for phse two...THE MALL...

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