Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Politick: Fuck Tex Ritter

I met Jason Ritter long long ago in NY at the Atlantic Theater Company. Now, i'm sure most of you will recognize wee Ritter as the offspring of sentimental favorite and incredibly under-appreciated actor John Ritter. Yet, being the incredibly retarded and reality impaired bone-head that I am, when I met young Jason my immediate reaction was to ask if he had any relation to Tex Ritter, the famous singing cowboy.

To my delight, I found out all three Ritters were Rittlated.


You can listen here to Tex singing CIGARETTES, WHISKY & WILD WILD WOMEN

And yes, we know and Love Johnny and Jason from their TV appearances and movies.

But the real reason to be waxing Ritterick, is because deep in the guts of the YOU TUBE, i came across this video of Tex Ritter on the Dick Cavett show discussing cowboy films and his quest to become a Republican Senator from Tennesee.

Now, if'n Tex had been eelected, then he would have beaten Albert Gore Senior for the post, thereby aborting Al Jr's eventual rise to green saviordom, not allowing him to neglect his paternal duties thereby sparing his son a DUI charge.


So you see, Tex Ritter is to blame for Bush being president.


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