Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why Everyone is Wrong in the Paris Hilton Fiasco


I am bothered. There are many pressing global issues, and CNN broke from the news that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was being replaced to footage of reporters running after Paris Hilton's car. But beyond the obvious reasons of why we shouldn't really care about this lies the more troubling question of why people care so much. The picture above shows some very hateful feelings, towards who? For what?

Paris Hilton is the semi-retarded offspring of billionaires. She did not graduate high-school, she has chemical dependency issues, and has created a name for herself by flashing an unhealthy cooch and an itty bitty titty. She suffers from genital warts, has been televised for her ignorance and stupidity, this is a freak show we are talking about. In old days she'd be taught to knit and wave and be married off to someone who would never have to deal with her on a personal level. She'd sprout offspring and that would make her happy.

Now let's discuss the LA courts and LA county Jail.
LA county Jail is a mess. The overcrowding puts anywhere between 5 to 15 people to a cell. People are put in cots in the hallway. Now, with that sort of overcrowding and peoples definitive views on Paris, i think we can all agree that perhaps getting raped and killed might be too much of a punishment for driving with a suspended license. Now, the LA Sheriff (A sleazy man named Lee Baca) is in charge of carrying out the judge's orders. However, installed within the DOC are such programs as early release for first time nonviolent offenders, and home confinement which keeps people off the streets. Now, the judge that sentenced Paris has been sitting on that bench for a long time, and has been notoriously useless. His judicial history is one of someone with no desire for advancement, and who is well aware of overpopulation, continuously dealing out lopsided rulings favoring the defendants, using overpopulation as reasoning for not overburdening the system. This mope of our judicial system knows full well that very often the same crime is punished in very much the same way the sheriff tried to punish Paris. Home incarceration costs the taxpayer nothing, whereas a solitary cell like Paris would require, costs up to 11 times more than the average inmate.

Now, I understand this idiot thumbed her nose at the judicial system. However, she deserves equal treatment under the law, no matter how skanky. In my opinion, she is not getting it. She is being hunted down like the Elephant man, by the same people who payed to watch the freak show. It is the court's duty to dispense justice, not to make examples, prove points, or punish the unpopular.

So i will say, what I never thought i'd say:

And let's remove this skank from our lives.

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