Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Five Exclamation Points

"And all those exclamation points? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head." -Terry Prachett

Last night my brother and i attended the 29th anniversary to-do of Animal House. as lovely as it was seeing an aging Flounder and Stork (My brother said it was like meeting a line from a Robert Frost Poem). As lovely as the walk down memory lane was, the highlight of the evening came as my brother and I were boozily ambling down Hollywood boulevard. We came across the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit. To begin with I must urge everyone to take a moment and visit. Like it or not, Scientology is here to stay, and a visit to a free museum dedicated to its founding is an important eye opener for everyone.

L Ron

Our guide, a lovely blonde who was perky and doe eyed, Was Smart enough to tell we were both squiffy but interested. So she agreed to give us a quikie version of the tour. After some rather lofty claims of an accelerated intelligence and a breezing over of Sci-fi, we came to the e-meters where my younger brother abruptly broke the unspoken agreement we had by asking about E-Levels. "Boo-Hiss!" i exclaimed. Pointing out that we were here as guests and did not know enough to start prodding around. Our guide made an uncomfortable reference to South Park and US weekly, and we moved on. After a quick walk through the basic tenets of Scientology (Don't Murder, Be Competent, etc.) we were done, and rather pleased with the whole exxperience. Naturally we felt it all a crock, but it had been a Lovely tour. So my brioother and I began to discuss the phenomenon of the five exclamation points. You can be perfectly civil, enjoying someone's company, and the next moment they can say something so entirely insane, so ridiculous, that your perception of the person goes south, forever.

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