Monday, October 16, 2006


In the relentless pursuit of the sublime and whimsical, i tought i should draw everyone's attention to a book I purchased this weekend.
The Jump Book by Philippe Halsman

Halsman was famous for capturing very famous people, like this dude on a bike:


He was famous for being able to relax his subjects, and have even the most uptight people do very silly things. But Halsman was best known for his technique of relaxation....."Jump!"

Phillipe beleived that people's muscles relaxed if they jumped a few times, so prior to many of his sessions he had very famous, very influential people, jumping. The end effect is silly and wonderful. To that end, I posted a few good images on here from what I could find around the web. My personal favorties are the Duke and Duchess of Windsor who look like they are jumping for the first time in years, and Richard Nixon, who seems to be quite familiar with shooting upward like a psychotic rocket.



The Book is available on Amazon, and it's well worth the Ten Bucks.

See more pictures at my Flickr Set of Philipe Hausman Photos

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