Thursday, July 13, 2006

Prae Omnia Fraterinitas

Since the beggining of time, men have sought the company of other men for the purpose of donning silly costumes, and engaging in masculine and certainly not gay comaraderie.

Those of you who read my thesis THE MASON JAR(The Decline of Freemasonry and Civic Engagement in America 1945-1995), and those who skipped the thrilling prose but were perhaps members of the Benevolent Friars of UNC, know all too well my odd obsession with ridiculous costuming and meaningless ritual.


True to my nature, as I lope towards the benchmark; thirty years of Etre', I've considered joining one of these brotherhoods myself. The Lions and Eagles are frontrunners at this moment, since there is familial attachement, but the truth is I hesitate to join these groups because of the inherently conservative tone they tend to take. The Shriners/Masons freak my shit out. Not because they are soooo secret and huuge and powerful and conspiratorial, but mostly because they are soooo white.

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So i continue my search for the proverbial "Band of Brothers" with whom i can bond and contribute to my community, and I stumble across THIS crazy motherfucker.


HOLY CRAP! How do i get in on this? Not only is this bastard wearing the most batshit crazy hat i've ever seen (IS THAT A CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT DANGLING IN THE FRONT?), but he's been pinned with all sorts of Rats of NIHM Sparkleys, and the Fucking Headpiece to the Staff of Ra'! Not to mention the cape with the molting feathers/ermin. Can you imagine this shit in COLOR? I think I ruined my pants.

To boot, he's CROSSEYED! The brass pair it takes to wear this rennaisance festival jester goes to prom ensemble, while so crosseyed that you can check both ways simultaneously before crossing the street, is the sort of stuff i want to be a part of.

So i do some research! Ohhhh shiit. There's TONS of these guys! In The Netherlands I think.
Check it out:


As far as I figure from their WEBSITE, about twelve of these Dutch lunatics, a "Minister" called "Minister van Alcoholiese Zake", and two chicks dressed like Colonial Sluts gather every so often, get baked and hammered and then dress in various costumes and entertain children at the local elementary school.

Two questions:

1. Is there a chapter of De Wortelpin Heijenin LA?

2. Who's in?



In my research, i was looking at pictures from these guy's events, and I came across this:


My mind reels in terror as i see the girl(?) in blackface, and my heart skips a beat at the saucy Dutch rocker-chick.

Precisely the dicotomy I'm looking for in my fraternal order.

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