Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ides rather be fishing...


I know it's been almost a month since I posted. My apologies. We can say that Pilot Season has come and gone, and I am still alive and managing to keep afloat.

On this beautiful and sunny day, we all take a moment to cry out our literacy and recall Julius Ceasar, as he was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate, exactly 2050 years ago this very day. And what of it? Who gives a flying fart about some la-de-da Eye-Tai who lived so long ago, and wore a skirt? Well, take a deep breath... do it. I'm serious, just take a big breath, you'll thank me for it.

Look, this post is a lot more meaningful if you play along so humor me and breathe deep.


Ok, I'll assume you did. Even if you didn't, as long as you haven't shuffled your mortal coil in the last few minutes, you have shared in Ceasar's final breath.

"Whaaa?" I can hear you all saying with googly eyes, and a slight annoyance, wondering where the deuce i'm going with this.

Here comes the Math:

The average breath contains around 10 to the 22nd molecules of air.

The approximate number of molecules in the atmosphere is about 10 to the 44th

Therefore: The molecules from Caesar's last breath have dispersed evenly through the atmosphere and their number has remained relatively constant.

I can hear the scoffing. Just consider this:

Caesar's breath molecules / Total air molecules

10 to the 22nd / 10 to the 44th

1 in 10 to the 22nd

You are saying,"That's a HUGE NUMBER, and Alf is an ass for drawing us through this for such a small chance that we just shared a breath with Julie C"

Ye of Little faith.

10 to the 22nd * 1/10 to the 22nd = 10 to the 22nd / 10 to the 22nd = 1

In fact, it is highly probable that you get one of Ceasar's final breath molecules in every breath you take.

Aha! What a roundabout and nearly meaningless way to find a connection to Ceasar, right? Well, just consider that with every breath you take, you are in fact, inhalin molecules disperesed by every living person, through history in its entirety, that you are forever joined to all humanity simply by existing and breathing. It suddenly becomes more beautiful huh?

I take great comfort in the thought that I breathe and live my friends, family, heroes, country and planet as i sit here in front of my computer ready for another day at work, and ponder how much it sucked to be Ceasar, on a sunny March 15th, 2050 years ago.Ceasar1

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