Friday, December 17, 2004

Bodyworlds Uber Alles

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In a Move reminiscent of Scientology, the gang at bodyworks sent me an E-mail.

My friend Mac says that I'm next, and they'll pose me doing Jazzercize, with legwarmers and a headband.

What's bizzare to me is how quickly they responded, and how immediately they refer me to their own literature as a valid reference point. The Lady Invoked Von Hagen's name with some eerie Messianic undertones. Or maybe I'm overreacting. Here's the e-mail.

Dear Alf,

Thank you for your interest in the Body Worlds Exhibition.
We value all suggestions, criticism and praise, as these provide us with important information for improving our work.

For your info, please find below an extract from the chapter “On Gruesome Corpses, Gestalt Plastinates and Mandatory Interment” by: Gunther von Hagens
published in: "Brave New Body Worlds - The Question of the Exhibition",
Klett Cotta Verlag, Stuttgart 2001

You can find the whole article on our webpage

Best regards from Heidelberg
Christiane Casott

Institut für Plastination
Rathausstrasse 11
D-69126 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221-33 11 54
Fax: +49 6221-3311 24

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Dinah said...

Hey dude, the link isn't working for me. But I tell you what, I'd really like a more detailed explanation from Gunter Von Creepy as to why he felt the flayed corpse of a pregnant woman with a real 8-month old fetus inside of her absolutely, positively HAD to be posed like a whore sitting for a portrait that would most likely be most appropriately painted on black velvet and put on display in Madame Sissy's ranch in "Hey, It's Legal Here," Nevada.

So, you know, if you come across that. Feel free to post.

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